How to get a membership card2019-04-18T17:21:39-05:00

You can become a member and register for activities by going directly to the “registration” page on our site, coming in-person to our office, or via mail.

Junior membership card2019-12-10T18:32:26-05:00

A junior membership card is free for all Montreal residents registered for any class session or junior camp in the summer.

Membership card price for non-resident youth: $25, NON-REFUNDABLE

Procedures for junior card use:
Free use of the courts for 8 weeks during the Summer (end of June to mid August) (JUNIORS), Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, applicable at open courts without reservation for two persons under the age of 18 with membership cards in their possession. In all other cases, an hourly rate must be paid in accordance with the district policy. Locations: outdoor courts in the City of Montreal’s parks

Cancellation Policy2019-04-18T17:20:49-05:00

All cancellation requests must be communicated in writing by email or by mail at least 14 days before the starting date of an activity.

Phone calls/messages will not be accepted. You can send us an email at informations@tennismontreal.qc.ca, or reply to the email (with your receipt) you received when you made your payment.

Reimbursement requests submitted after the starting date of the activity will not be granted except upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Tennis Montreal memberships are not refundable or transferable.

For all claims granted, an administration fee of 15% is applicable. The amount reimbursed only covers the part of the total payment dedicated to the remaining classes in the session, effective on the date the request is received.

Tennis Montréal prioritizes a transfer in the same season over a refund.

If the participant is not available for a postponed activity (lessons or league) due to rain or any other reason, no refund will be granted. (new policy)

Any activity cancelled by Tennis Montreal will be refunded in full and without charge.

Schedule may change without notice.

Is it possible to register by mail?2019-04-18T17:20:23-05:00


– mail only processed the day after in-person registration opens
– provide all compulsory information (last name, first name, address, postal code, email address, date of birth, phone numbers) on a single sheet of paper that also includes the description of the desired activity, to ensure that we register you and fill out your electronic file properly
– attach a cheque to the registration request, made out to TENNIS MONTREAL (post-dated cheques will not be accepted)
– your receipt and your membership card will be mailed to you to confirm your registration. If you provide a valid e-mail address, you will receive both your confirmation and your card by email


285, rue Gary-Carter
Montréal Qc.  H2R 2W1

Is it possible to register in person?2019-04-18T17:19:04-05:00

In-person registration will be permitted the day after online registration.

– Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm
– Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12 pm to 5 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm

How do I register online?2019-04-18T17:18:41-05:00

Registration is conducted via the platform Amilia. This platform is fully integrated into the site and can be accessed with the “registration” button that appears on the menu bar.

– secure payment by Visa or MasterCard credit card
– 100% of spots are available online
– residents of Montreal are given registration priority

Equipment provided2019-04-18T17:18:14-05:00

Balls are always provided for our activities with the exception of the adult Pyramid league. We will of course take care of court reservation for all our activities (with the exception of the Pyramid league). Activity participants are responsible for bringing their own rackets, with the exception of the class “Tennis Plus” for adults, in which a racket will be provided for all registered participants. Participants should of course come in clothing suitable for athletic activity that ensures comfortable movement. An instructor/coach is always present for our activities (except for the Pyramid league) to supervise, teach, or play with participants as the situation requires.

What to do in case of rain – Activities held outdoors (spring-summer season)2019-04-26T13:03:15-05:00

Tennis should be practised on dry courts! In the event of questionable weather forecasts/court conditions, please call the park at which your lesson is held directly to confirm that the courts are indeed open. It is best to call at the latest possible moment, as close as possible to your lesson’s start time. Given the different surfaces at all of Montreal’s parks, Montreal Tennis is unable to confirm whether courts are open or closed so please do not contact us regarding this. Contact details for the various courts

How many people participate in our lessons/activities?2019-04-18T17:15:18-05:00

Activities for adults:
Our adult lesson groups consist of up to 8 participants maximum (with the exception of “Doubles Tactics & Strategy” which may have up to 12 participants). A minimum of 4 participants is required for a course scheduled in our program to be held. For our other activities, the number of participants may vary from 8 to 16 in our fall/winter leagues. The recreational leagues hosted at Montreal’s parks may welcome nearly 40 players in the spring-summer season, depending on the number of courts available at the various parks.

Activities for youth:
Our youth courses accommodate between 6 and 24 participants with 1, 2, or 3 coaches, depending on the number of courts available and the skill level of the participants.

Accès Montréal Card2019-04-18T17:14:54-05:00

The Accès Montréal card issued by the City of Montreal lets you take advantage of priority court reservation (indoor courts at IGA Stadium and outdoor courts in parks) as well as a discount on each court reservation. The card is sold at the Accès Montréal offices, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information, dial 311.

Open practice: Pricing2019-04-18T17:14:24-05:00

You can call one day in advance to reserve courts at any location where fees are charged.

Pricing and available time slots are determined by each district – park contact details

Registration periods2019-04-18T17:14:07-05:00

Tennis Montreal offers three different program sessions every year, in the fall (September to December), winter (January to March), and spring-summer (May to September). Registration opens toward the end of August for the fall, the end of November for winter, and the beginning of April for spring-summer.

What is my level of play?2019-05-24T14:12:48-05:00

Find your level with the help of the self-rating guide.

Membership Card Delivery2019-04-18T17:01:15-05:00

Membership cards for children and adults are delivered by email. You will receive a message with the subject ”Votre carte de membre 2019”, and the card will be found in the attached PDF file. You can find all the information about the card and its benefits on this page of our website, as our primary communication is conducted in French. The first cards for the year will be sent in January 2019, and subsequently once or twice a week (or more frequently) depending on the season or level of customer requests. We can also, at the customer’s request, send the card by mail for those who not have an email address.

Member card benefits2019-05-24T13:52:58-05:00

As a Tennis Montreal member, you are entitled to several discounts and other benefits at no cost:

– PLAY FOR FREE ANYTIME IN SEPTEMBER (certain conditions apply)
– 50% off tickets for the Tuesday and Wednesday day sessions of the Rogers Cup, and one pass for the qualification matches
– 10% discount at both stores and at the Tenniszon website (certain conditions apply)
Player directory
– You can associate your annual membership card with a park in order to receive possible invitations from them, and participate in social activities (outside our programming) organized by this club during the year. P.S. You will not be limited to practice only at this park.

Terms and conditions2019-04-18T17:12:14-05:00

Registration and Transfer Policy

  1. You are obligated to register for an activity that corresponds to your level of play, otherwise Tennis Montreal reserves the right to reassign you to another group. This is subject to availability.
  2. Insurance terms stipulate that only a person officially registered for an activity is covered in the event of an accident. As a result, you may not give your place to another person.
  3. Transfers between groups or activities must be requested at least 5 days prior to the starting date of the activity. A 10$ transfer fee applies to all transfers.
  4. No post-dated cheques accepted.
  5. All prices displayed on the website or in our brochures include taxes if applicable.
What activities are appropriate for my level?2019-04-18T17:11:30-05:00

Visit the suggested adult or junior path among our activities (french only)