The membership card is mandatory to follow our activities*

(*except for the registration to the Omnium tournament and to the Lake Road and Lasalle parks activities).

Montreal resident: $45
Non-Montreal resident: $65
Montreal Junior Resident: Free
Non resident of Montreal Junior: $25

This card is valid for the whole calendar year and allows you to register for all our activities. All our membership cards offer the same benefits.

You can associate your annual membership card with a park in order to receive possible invitations from them, and participate in social activities (outside our programming) organized by this club during the year. P.S. You will not be limited to practice only at this park.

Registration is 100% online

To register for our activities, you must first log in or create an Amilia account with :

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Mail address
  • Home Address
  • Phone number

To do this, you can register for an activity on our website and a window will open asking you to log in. You can create your account via this window.

Once your account has been created, you’ll need a membership card to register for our activities (Adult – resident: $45 / non-resident: $65) (Junior – resident: $0 / non-resident: $25). This card is valid for the whole calendar year and allows you to register for all our activities. You won’t be limited to playing in just one park. This membership card is available for purchase on our website, in the “Cartes de membres” section.

Once your card is in your shopping cart, you can register for the activity of your choice in the “Inscriptions” tab, subject to availability.

Our program is divided by parks. To find out more about the activities we offer in each of these parks, click on the links below.

We do not offer private or semi-private lessons at Tennis Montreal, only group lessons.

You can then finalize your transaction as you would on any commercial site.

P.S. Our summer program is definitive. We invite you to register in the waiting lists of our activities when there is no more availability.