Leagues (Description and results)

For people wishing to play singles and doubles in the same evening.

The 8 players who take part from 7pm to 9pm arrive and start their singles league from 7pm to 8pm. There are 8 players on 4 courts. At 8pm, 8 new players arrive and join the first group. Everyone plays doubles matches until 9pm. At this point, the first group leaves and the second group plays singles matches until 10pm. The coach organizes the weekly match schedule. He/she can play if necessary if the number of players is odd. There are no rankings, since the main aim is to have fun and play with as many partners and opponents as possible.

For people who primarily want to play in a social context, where they can meet new people and find new playing partners.

Each week, the coach organizes two to three matches, changing partners and opponents at each rotation. The coach can participate if the number of players is odd. You may also be asked to play singles. There are no rankings, as the aim is to have fun and play with as many partners and opponents as possible.

For people wishing to compete against players of their own level in competitive singles matches.

Players are separated by level on qualifying nights. The league is a Round Robin format. In other words, all players compete against each other over the weeks. The league is made up of 5 different levels. The 4.5+ (mixed) league is called the performance league. Then there are 4 other levels for the men: 4.0 and 3.5+, which are played at the same park, and 3.5 and 3.0, which are played at a different park.

For qualifications :

Pre-registration on Amilia is compulsory to register for the qualifications ($20).

It is very important that you attend only the qualifying session that corresponds to your level of play. There will be no second qualification possible; if you are accepted following the qualification, you will be part of this league. However, if you are not, you can confirm that you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

For players wishing to take on players of their own level in competitive doubles matches.

The league comprises 2 groups of 12 players, for a total of 24 players.
The 6 teams in each group determined by the coach after qualifying will play 3 consecutive weeks together against 3 other teams in the same group.
The coach will draw up individual rankings and evaluate the players during the matches, and then re-form 6 new teams per time slot. This process will occur 4 times in all (3 weeks X 4 different team formations).

For qualifications :

Les joueuses se présentent à leur heure respective selon leur niveau. L’entraîneur fera jouer des matchs en parties normales ou par bris d’égalité de 10 points avec différents partenaires et adversaires. Le but est que chaque joueuse puisse faire quelques matchs. Les résultats ne seront pas comptabilités puisque ce n’est pas le résultat qui comptera, mais plutôt la tactique des joueuses en double.

For people who want to play ranked matches and meet new partners all over Montreal.

The league manager sends you the opponents each week. You need to get in touch and arrange to play the match. Matches are played at the time and park of your choice. Match results are forwarded to the manager, and you move up or down the ranking pyramid. It’s certain that you’ll be playing matches with an opponent of your calibre, and that you’ll know your true level.